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Page Speed Insights

Digital Solutions of Brownwood will perform a routine speed test of your website for both mobile and desktop devices, to ascertain how each page can be improved to perform better. This analysis will reveal several significant areas for improvement like:

  • Unused CSS styles that must be removed - Many websites that aren't properly managed on the backend, have unused CSS styles slowing them down.
  • Which images to resize - Images that aren't sized correctly waste the cellular data of your mobile customers and contribute to slower load times.
  • Which JavaScript code to minify - Uncompressed JavaScript increases the payload sizes of your webpages on each browser and the ammount of time it takes them to parse these scripts
  • Which CSS code to minify - Uncompressed CSS code contains unecessary and redundant data that contributes to longer load times.
  • Which resources are render blocking - CSS and JavaScript that isn’t lean and delivered to the customer’s browser as quickly as possible block your webpages from rendering in an efficient manner.
  • If there are multiple page redirects - These create more delays before your webpage is even loaded. If your website has an SSL certificate, it's usually an indicator that the domain is not properly configured to handle 'http' traffic.

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