Our Services

Website Development

If your website requires a custom approach, Digital Solutions of Brownwood will use modern web programming languages, and code libraries to assemble your small business website from the ground up. We put to use some of the latest web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP/MYSQL, etc. to develop a modern website for your business that is fast, secure, and scales appropriately for the future needs of your enterprise.

Front-End Development

Also called client-side web development, this is our method of using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and other relevant front-end technologies to create the portion of your website that customers directly interact with.

On-Site SEO

Also called on-page SEO, this is how Digital Solutions will optimize your website content and HTML source code to help you achieve a higher ranking in Google’s search index and draw traffic suited for your business or organization. When On-Site SEO is done correctly, the distinct purpose of your website is revealed to prospective customers with no ambiguity.

  • Machine readable content: We utilize the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and microdata to express your website in a machine-readable format that Google algorithms and other related parsers on the web understand.

Web Development Standards

We ensure the following development practices are followed so that any website we build meets your expectations, is optimized for speed and search engine performance, and is secure.

  • Quality - Quality distinguishes between the expert and a novice. It's not hard for a hobbyist to put a simple website together using restrictive tools like those offered by a CMS like Wordpress, or website builder like Wix. Few have the professional training and skill to develop a unique website using flexible web programming languages that allow total customization.
  • Think Longterm (Ignore Fads) -
  • Responsible Coding -
  • Mobile First -
  • -