Our Services

Website Design

Web design has to do with creating the style and feel of your small business website. We aim for visual creativity while ensuring the website's functionality meets your needs. Any website you have us design will feature a modern and user-friendly interface, so that your brand resonates well with online shoppers.

Web Design Standards

We apply professional standards that ensure your website layout will have eye-catching aesthetics, and deliver a seamless browsing experience for customers. When you choose to have Digital Solutions design your central Texas business website, our designs emphasize the following:

  • Balance - To achieve a balanced website design, all elements of the layout are scaled appropriately.
  • Contrast - Contrast between textures, shapes, font, etc. will mark specific areas of the website and draw the shopper's attention.
  • Emphasis - We will deliberately highlight and call attention to distinct and important features of the website layout.
  • Consistancy - The website layout will have consistent repetition and rhythm. For example, a coherent navigation scheme ensures visitors of your website know their way around.
  • Unity - The correlation between various elements of your website will make sense.

Designed for Mobile

By using responsive web design strategies and tools such as flexible grid-based layouts, responsive images, and media queries, we’ll ensure your website’s layout adjusts automatically to fit the screen resolution of any device shoppers might access it with. Whether it be a desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, the website will be optimized for every viewing context.