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Web Analytics

Web analytics helps us discover how shoppers interact with all your online platforms by recording certain aspects of user behavior on them. We transform this behavior into detailed reports that will paint a picture of your brand's online pulse and explain how shoppers choose to navigate through your web pages. Information like which pages from your sites customers view most, when they view them, and in what order - are but a few examples of numerous metrics we can analyze to gauge the success of a marketing campaign. The metrics we look at also offer insight into future updates and changes that should be made.

Insight about your shoppers

We’ll analyze how shoppers find your website, social media and directory pages, and document information needs that led them to you. One important part of this is to study search engine keywords that shoppers use to find your business. Search engines aren't the only tool driving shoppers to you though, so additional insight will be gained when we examine and make sense of referral website traffic that is generated from outside links at other sites.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis helps us understand what shoppers search for and how they express their information needs. We can then start asking how well your website addresses their information needs and what changes can be made to further accommodate them. Knowing what shoppers search for might reveal new considerations for future updates that will improve the information architecture of your website.

Paid Keyword Analysis

Shoppers who find your website via paid search are likely different from those who find you with an organic search. If your business participates in paid search advertising, we’ll have another source of keyword data.

Search Query Analysis

With search query analysis we group the keywords of your online users into categories and characterize them with regards to their size and certain usage metrics. The essence of search query analysis is that we’ll export all data regarding what your users search for during a given time frame and obtain a record of the number of users expressing diverse information needs. We’ll also gain insight about the variety of searches users make within each category, and on how we might improve at segmenting the data.

Referral Traffic

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