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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how we improve the quality and quantity of online traffic to your website, directories and social media pages. One aspecct of this is to generate organic search engine results for you on Google and Bing.

SEO Practices

SEO is paramount for helping new customers discover you online today. If your snazzy website is stranded on page 6 of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), growing your online presence becomes a challenge. We'll help search engine users find your business today by improving the following metrics.

  • Traffic Quality - Our aim is to draw customers who are truly interested in the products and services your business has to offer.
  • Traffic Quantity - Once preferred online shoppers are clicking through from search engine results pages (SERPs) to your website, quantity of traffic increases.
  • Organic Search Results - These are Web pages listed in Google and Bing search results that are most related to the search query of Brownwood and central Texas online shoppers.

Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is done outside your website but helps drive additional shopping traffic to your domain because of the exposure your brand will receive. It also improves your ranking authority with Google and Bing. An important step is to establish inbound links - also referred to as backlinks. Social media and online directory listing services also create an opportunity for any central Texas business to promote awareness of their brand and deliver new customers to your doorstep.

On Page SEO

Website SEO ensures that search engines properly interpret your business website. Google and other search engines have unique software called bots that visit your website and follow links on each page to find out where they go, then attempts to understand their relationship. They also make sense of the content of your website to decipher what each page and the website overall is about. Website SEO helps clarify to search engines the nature and purpose of your website.

SEO Friendly Websites

We'll optimize your small business website, so it's recognized by Google and other search engines, and indexed in their SERPs. SEO optimized websites routinely rank better in web searches. An SEO friendly website is one that search engine bots can effortlessly crawl, and interpret the site content. Once your website is indexed by Google and other search engines, shoppers who search for your products and services will be served web pages that are relevant. Some ways we accomplish this are with:

  • Header Tags - Header tags are an HTML component to identify headings of your website. There are six header tags designated H1 through H6. The hiearchy of header tags must be carefully planned out so search engines understand what information is important.
  • Internal Linking - Making your website crawlable requires an easy to understand internal linking format. When linking pages on your website, we help Google navigate with ease and discover your internal links.
  • Anchor Text - This is the descriptive text used for the links to webpages on your site. Anchor text communicates to search engines about the type of content that exists on a destination webpage.

SEO Friendly Content

Content of your central Texas website should let online shoppers easily discover answers to their questions, help them navigate to the information they require, and communicate the website’s purpose.