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Laptop Repair

Laptop LCD Screen Repair

When the Weimaraner dog steps on your laptop, or you accidentally drop it; the LCD Screen is typically the first thing that breaks. The LCD screen will either show bleeding, have a spider crack, or have ghosting effect and no video output. Digital Solutions of Brownwood can replace or repair your broken laptop LCD screen. Bring us your laptop at 2300 Austin Avenue and we'll identify the problem, then either fix it on the spot or have it replaced with reliable hardware.

Laptop Upgrades

Are your applications taking too long to load? Is your laptop taking too long to boot into the operating system? Would you like to increase your laptop's storage capacity? Our experienced computer technicians will be pleased to assist you. All of the software applications that actively run on your laptop are stored in RAM (memory), which gives the CPU immediate access to these programs. If your laptop is slow when several applications are simultaneously running, a RAM upgrade may be required.

Memory Upgrades

Performance bottlenecks often occur in laptops that have an insufficient amount of RAM installed. Your software applications will run poorly and the operating system will hang. Because your laptop has insufficient memory, it will slow down to a crawl over time. This doesn't always mean you you must invest in a new laptop just yet. Many popular laptop models have interchangeable hardware and can support an upgrade that increases your laptop's RAM capacity. Allowing our technicians to install more memory will greatly extend the lifespan of your laptop, so that it is a more productive and efficient tool to use.